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Here is the plan…

My first post on a new blog. It feels like a lot of pressure. If I don’t blow you away you may never come back. On the other hand if I go too far and impress you there will be this unspoken expectation. Either way I am just going to try my best to bring you the best of Kelley and this experiment I am involved in called life. I won’t ever say “Oh I am a travel blogger”, or “I blog about food because I have such a sophisticated palate.” The truth is sometimes I am out of town and sometimes I’m not. I eat fantastic feasts and then sometimes I eat a fried fish sandwich from some greased up diner. I am busily being happy where ever I am and I want to share that. I am fortunate to be surrounded by people who enjoy an outstanding adventure, at home or abroad. My goal here is to create a window where happiness can flow in and out. Perhaps I can spark an idea that adds to someone else’s existence. I don’t believe I can tell you HOW to be happy. Maybe you are happiest in undies watching “Magnum PI” reruns while eating cheese sandwiches. I won’t judge you. I celebrate the fact that you know what makes you happy and you are doing it. Every day I encounter people who don’t realize their own ability to control the happiness in their daily lives. I want to help people change that perspective.

If you truly strive to create happiness for yourself you will be pleasantly surprised with how the universe conspires to help make it happen. In my own life, what could have been viewed as a disappointment actually grew into the chance to more easily do the thing that makes me happiest… TRAVEL!!! Yes, I often have to change my plans at the last minutes or spend long days in airports but it just adds to the adventure. I can’t find reason to complain because when I pictured the life I wanted, the ability to hop on a plane and explore new places with the people I love was a huge part of the vision. I think there was also a jet and access to private watercraft but I am being patient with that part.

Each week I am planning to share something about what I have been up to or ways to be adventure ready, so I need you to plan on reading it every week. I can be random. I may eat way too much sugar and talk endlessly about it. There may actually be some (or many) grammatical errors. Get over it. I might proofread while I am laughing with my husband Frenchie, simultaneously texting with my BFFs Mango and Mandarin so it may not be perfect. I promise to try and keep my “cusses” to a minimum because it highly possible my momma is my #1 reader!

So here goes everything…

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35 thoughts on “Here is the plan…

  1. I’m looking forward to reading all about your adventures Kelley! I can always get a good word from u, either to begin with, or followed by a laugh! Infectiously happy….perfect! Thank you for sharing!! I’ll be following…

  2. Okay, so I couldn’t sleep and jumped on Facebook and saw the post about “infectiously happy” and decided to give it a read. I think your very being makes other people happy.Thanks for sharing Kelley, and continue to find the joys in life. It’s contagious! Looking forward to future readings. -_-

  3. How wonderful is this! I must say simply reading your first post was a sign of great things to come (another addition to My daily therapeutic wonders of the world). I applaud your willingness to remain steadfast and filled with love and happiness. Continue to spread all things great….I promise it’s contagious. -Cheers

  4. Wow…cousin/sister….there is never a day that you don’t amaze me with your talents of life….I always wanted to start a blog and didn’t know how…I am so impressed, thrilled and happy you started blogging….so as you can see you have made my day happier…..and happiness….well we all need it…a bust when we are down and a bust when we have it…thanks cousin…time to spread my happiness

  5. : ) I am soooooo looking forward to reading this~esp the ‘random thoughts’ cause in my opinion those tend to be the best! First thing I read today and it’s my earthday so I believe this was a special gift…i’ll pretend ‘just for me’! LOL much love to you ladybug and safe travels as you take us on this amazing ride…knowing it’s gonna be a light filled journey…TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!! (I’ve always wanted to say that) lol


    1. OMG Kelley!!! It’s only blog #1 and I love it. I’m so excited about having the privilege of reading about your adventures weekly. I’m certain that I’m in for a treat, regardless of what your adventure my be.

  6. Great job,my dear. Momma will be your # one reader. Don’t worry, be happy. I’ll let you know when it’s “too” much. Spread the joy…

  7. Kelley, thanks for including me in your adventures. I’m looking forward to the laughter and info that you will bestow upon us.

  8. Your Facebook status’ alone are so uplifting and encouraging, I can only imagine how inspirational your blog will be. You always remind everyone that life is a choice and we can choose to do whatever we so desire. I am looking forward to seeing where your desires take you. Happiness is so very contagious, thanks for spreading it around :) Have fun being HAPPY ! :)

  9. I am intrigued. Can’t wait to read your next submission! Reading this made me smile and become infectiously happy for you because I could feel your passion for this. Very exciting.

  10. Kelley, you don’t even know how hyped I am about your blog!! I think I did a good job containing it when you first told me about it. Love the concept, your vision, and the overall purpose. I see nothing but greatness and that’s with anything you decide to do. You’re a pretty amazing person!! Great first post!

  11. WOW! You’re starting your very own “Happiness Project”, I think your tagline is waaaay better, who can resist “Infectiously Happy”?! I’m looking forward to being along for the ride, sweet girl! Keep on keeping on, we all love you madly! Geri

  12. Hey Kelley!
    I’m glad you’re blogging again. Like all of the others, I too, look forward to reading your thought-provoking posts. Your title alone -“Infectiously Happy” – is eye-catching and reminds me that happiness is a choice.
    You are a beautiful and talented young lady and I know you’ll enjoy all that you do. Keep ASPIRING and INSPIRING!

  13. Hi Kelley,
    I am looking forward to reading your blog. Love the first post need some inspiration in my life.

  14. Hi Kelley…. I love you!!! What a fantastic idea. I love it!! I’m just proud to know you & wish you well. You know ur proud Mama shared you new venture with her college “Roomie”
    It was great that all of us got together recently and share a meal. We must do it again soon.
    Maybe I’ll even cook…. Hmmmmmmmm
    Love u! Debbie Russell
    “Friends don’t let friends drive sleepy”

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