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I should write this whole post in Spanish.

I WOULD write this whole post in spanish, but for starters I am not fluent and for two I think most of you aren’t either, anyway I want to share about my summer adventure in MEXICO. First things first, I must be honest with you and tell you that I did not really want to go there. I pretty much have never wanted to go there, especially not to Cancun. It feels cliched and like a spring break destination. I like my vacations to be fun filled but relaxing and for a long time Mexico has never appealed to me. Anyway, Frenchie and I have this long standing wedding anniversary tradition (after 2 years of marriage) to go somewhere fun and have an adventure to celebrate this crazy thing called marriage. When that time rolled around this year somehow Mexico became the best option and before you know it we were in the Cancun airport being bombarded by timeshare salesmen. Mexico surprised me. I liked it and I would go back. The water and beaches were beautiful. I ate magnificently the whole time and the adventures were abundant and inexpensive.

Home Away From Home: Westin Resort & Spa
Adventures: Snorkeling, Swimming in a Cenotes, Visiting a Mayan Ruin Site

Our first afternoon in Mexico was spent enjoying the beach and restaurants at the resort, getting some rest from busy work weeks at home and enjoying some time together with no phones or social media distracting us. We stayed at one of two Westins in Cancun and this one was right up our alley. We were greeted by a clean, quiet beach with good food and great service. Unknowingly we picked a resort that is a bit away from the strip so we got the quiet boutique feel we like even though we were at a bigger resort.

The entire stay we were able to go on adventures that were fun filled and friendly to our pockets. The Second day we took a chance on a last minute snorkeling trip and hit big. We ended up being the only two adults on the trip so in a way we had a private charter! The tour took us to the second largest barrier reef in the world and our guide led us around here and there seeing all kinds of fish that I don’t quite remember the names of. I do remember that we saw several barracuda and yes they can hurt you… I managed to survive :). Our next day was spent on a day tour to Chichen Itza, a pre-Columbian city built by the Maya civilization. I can say this was the highlight of my trip. The bus ride there was great with our guide giving me more information than I could possibly store and on the way we made a stop for lunch and shopping and there was time to take a swim in a local cenotes. Cenotes are basically sinkholes underground where limestone has collapsed and underground water has been exposed. I can’t say I jumped in because the water was super cold, but I cannot wait to go back and take one of the tours offered where you explore connected tunnels between different cenotes. It was beautiful down there.

My Favorite meal was on the resort at Sea & Stone. We had the most wonderful meal right on the beach under a traditional palapa (fancy word for straw hut). You get to pick different seafood and veggies to be cooked at your table on a large stone. It was more delicious than I can ever describe with my limited vocabulary.

Few Extras if Mexico is in your future:

1. At the airport everyone outside of baggage claim is acting like they are a welcome committee.. It’s a trick. They are selling packages and time shares. Make sure you know where you are going and just keep saying you are good because they will try to trap you.

2. Make sure to exchange some dollars for pesos before you leave home. Most people will still take US dollars and CCs but they never seem to have correct change for Us dollars and having pesos on hand made it easier to catch the bus, shop and to tip in the hotel.

3. If anyone offers you something for 1 Mayan dollar just know that is $10 US.

4. No one is kidnapping you in Cancun, and yes I checked because my mother was concerned….

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8 thoughts on “I should write this whole post in Spanish.

  1. Enjoyed the post. And yes, I was concerned about kidnappers. I didn’t want to depart with my funds to buy you and Frenchie back. Not sure I could get a buy one, get one free deal in Mexico.

  2. Very cool to go on your adventure via this blog post. Thank you for sharing. I have never really been interested in Cancun either. It may just give it a chance because of this post. great tips at the end as well.

  3. Thanks for your fun post, I’ve been reluctant about Mexico myself but your sweet reassurances are persuading me to change my mind. Your mama-cita would sell her soul for her kid AND frenchie but luckily you returned safe & sound! Keep on keeping on!

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