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I am halfway mad I have to blog about Miami Beach.

It’s not the writing part, It’s Miami beach. It isn’t because I hate Miami or didn’t have an awesome time. I just can’t find a nice way to tell you that I don’t ever have to vacation there again. I had been before as a layover to the Caribbean or a port for cruises, and I will continue to use it for those two things until such time as someone gives me another reason to visit. So I procrastinated and waited, and waited some more, but FINALLY here is how Miami was interesting and overrated at the same time. Mandarin, 1/3 of my female adventure team decided she wanted to take a trip for her birthday. Greece was the preferred destination, but our private jet was unavailable, so we settled on Miami and Mango (another 1/3 of my adventure navy) and I accompanied her to the Sunshine State for a few days of all night partying and binge drinking… Well not exactly all night, maybe until about 11:30 p.m. and by binge drinking I mean a couple of cocktails with dinner 😛 We aren’t exactly spring chickens, maybe more like fall cornish hens so we have to be responsible! Let the birthday weekend recap begin….

Home base: The Perry South Beach

Adventures: Fusion Eating, Poolside meditation, Shopping with Kim K.

Besides quality relax time with my two best girls, the highlights of this getaway were our accommodations and meal choices. The Perry was under major construction during our visit, but that didn’t take away from our stay much. The rooms and lobby were cute, the staff was super friendly and helpful and the rooftop pool was everything I needed for a relaxation space. It sat on the beach so we were able to get some sun and sand time fairly easily. I feel like I could have gotten a better picture of all Miami had to offer if we had rented a car, but as you will come to know I hate driving at home and I truly avoid it when I am on vacation. Because The Perry sits a little outside of what is actually considered South Beach we had to walk a few extra blocks to get close to most of the restaurants and shopping. Exercise is my friend so there is no complaint from me there. I definitely recommend The Perry if you don’t really want to be on “the strip” but want a nice inviting place to stay. The beach was fairly quiet, which I love, since it is a bit away from the more crowded areas.

Our commuter vacation style limited us to the South Beach area, which is littered with “Italian” restaurants and steakhouses. While there are tons of restaurants we did have trouble finding truly worthy eateries on the fly, but technology saved us. The three of us used every travel app in our phones and IPads and were able to come up with some delicious meals:

1. Breakfast at News Cafe. We came here on the suggestion of several people including hotel staff. It was a little jog from our hotel, but worth it because they had delicious french toast and an amazing veggie quiche. The outside dining proved interesting as we were witness to a man driving and drinking straight from a champagne bottle (is that even legal?) and dogs dressed as people, including belts, booties and sunglasses. While eating we learned that this is really the infamous News Cafe, as it is the place Gianni Versace last visited before he was murdered in front of his South Beach home.

2. Dinner at Sushi Samba Dromo. It’s Japanese. It’s Brazilian. It’s Peruvian. And it was so delicious. The inside is beautiful with murals all around that were a lovely reminder for me of Carlleena Person. You must try the Lemon Samurais and the Fica Frio if you are stuck waiting at the bar. I mention being stuck because while we were told a 15 minute wait we actually waited for an hour before be had to pull the manager aside. I feasted on Rock Shrimp tempura & Quinotto, a delicious risotto made from quinoa. As fantastic as our food was there were communication issues with staff that left the rest of my gang waiting over 30 minutes for their food, which was slightly frustrating. The manager was super apologetic and helpful though, so I would still eat here again. Shout out to our local host from the evening, Brigette!!!

3. Birthday Dinner at YUCA. With the help of a friendly concierge from The Perry we made our way to YUCA for a birthday dinner worthy of mention. The Plantain Coated Mahi-Mahi was so delicious that I wish I didn’t have to go to Miami to have it again. The birthday girl wasn’t that impressed by her choice of Salmon Balserito or the desert menu, but the restaurant was beautiful inside, the mojitos were mo’ delicious than I’ve had in awhile and the service was fantastic.

We did spend most of our vacation relaxing poolside but we did get out for some shopping on the first day. With in walking distance from our home base was Lincoln Road, which offered quite a few options from Macy’s and H&M, to this really cool jewelry store, Uno de 50. All handmade, unique pieces and if you need gift ideas for my December birthday I will accept gifts from here :). Additionally as we meandered about we had the coincidence of passing “Kimye” (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) as they also shopped, so technically I was shopping with them. I have no pictures to share partly because I forget to take them and partly because I think you have seen them both before and might not even care!

So there it is. Miami.

All Photo credits to Mango 😉

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  1. It was a pleasure meeting you :) while you were here…and great Blog thanks for the mention and tag! See you soon in your city!

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