Infectiously Happy

It’s my party, I can climb if I want to!!!

I am all smiles as I learn the rules to climbing.

Yes, I am one of those people who believes birthdays are meant to be celebrated.  I firmly support that however wildly or quietly you choose, you must in some way take time to appreciate the miracle of your existence with a cake or trip, a card or dinner and most readily a party.  I know celebrating can be expensive or time-consuming because of the planning.  I know because I have been known to have the title of event planner.   I also know that it costs nothing to call or text someone to tell them HBD, and remind them of the greatness that they bring to your life.  I encounter people all the time, who say it’s just another day and don’t bother to celebrate their own birthday or anyone else’s.  That’s not me.  I was raised with birthday parties and celebrations.  My birthday happens to be the day after Christmas, so people always assume that my day gets swept away in the holiday, falling to the back of the line right behind Kwanzaa and Canada’s Boxing Day.  This couldn’t be further from the truth, as my family always made a point of making my day special with skating and cake, lots of hugs and reminders from my mom that this was one of the most important days of her life.  My mother and Aunt Patrice love to recount how they danced to Kool & the Gang while playing spades, as they waited for my late arrival…  So technically I have been partying since the womb!

 This year I decided that I wanted to celebrate in a different way then I have most recently.  I still wanted to be with people I loved, but not in a restaurant or party venue. I love a good party dress and sky-high shoes, OH and cake, but this year I booked a slot at the local indoor rock climbing facility.  I had never been and I wanted to do something most of my friends and family don’t do on a regular basis.  Plus I am in a portion of my life where I truly value the benefits of physical activities. So outfitted in some new Vibrams that I scored on clearance at TJMaxx with 5 others and my momma as the photographer, I celebrated 32 hooked to a rope dangling from a pulley.  It was amazingly fun and I learned or rather was reminded of somethings about myself, my friends and my hubby:

1. I am not afraid of heights

2. Frenchie is afraid of heights but loves to put a smile on my face.

3.  I am stronger than I give myself credit for.

4.  My husband thinks I might drop him off of a cliff.

5. I have a pretty awesome group of friends.

I guess pictures sum it up best:

All suited up with my climbing belt, I am ready for adventure.
We came, we saw, we conquered!
These ended up being the perfect shoes for the occasion!
Tinesha getting her climb on!
Frenchie may never do this again! He is not to comfy with heights but wanted to make me happy!
Eric is looking serious as he navigates the wall.
Pennye handles the climbing like a pro!
Man down!!! Somebody wasn’t following directions and Chris has hit the mat…

Mostly I feel the need to say how proud I felt of myself, mostly because when I was 22 I could never have participated in this, I wouldn’t have dared. I was out of shape and living a fairly sedentary existence.  I was constantly overeating and as a result I was overweight. I guess I am like the finest of wines… Only getting better with time :).  Enjoy the pics and thank you to Eric, Tinesha, Pennye, Chris, Christian and my momma for coming along with me on this most awesome adventure!!!

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2 thoughts on “It’s my party, I can climb if I want to!!!

  1. Lol saw your blog on my twitter page. Happy belated birthday my moms birthday is the 16th and she was like you full of life and always doing something for herself. I tried to rock climb one time I never made it pass the first few rocks I got scared I will be 32 this year I will try it again and maybe make it halfway up.

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