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Me with a Popeye Punch on an average happy day!

Last week on twitter a trending hashtag, #100thingsthatmakemehappy, caught my attention.  It made me smile to see the related tweets and to be honest I was a little bit surprised because I often find the trending topics can be so negative. This was a welcomed change for me and it got me to thinking.  Can I come up with 100 things that truly cause happiness in my life? I think it becomes easy for us (us being humans) to constantly express what we don’t like, what we think makes us unhappy,  to the point that we lose focus on what truly matters. So shouldn’t it be just as easy to think of things that bring joy? As my mind started rolling I came to additional questions… If you can’t really wrap your mind around what makes you happy, how can you expect to attract people and experiences that will add to your happiness?  How can you truly add to anyone else’s happiness if you aren’t clear about your own needs? How much more could you connect with the people in your life if you had a clear outline of what makes you happy on a daily basis? So anyway, I made a list.  It was kind of hard. You probably don’t believe me, so I challenge you to make one of you own.  I would be super interested to see your list…  Maybe we can learn something about each other, and some things about ourselves…


1. Sunshine

2. Long afternoons on white sand beaches

3. Frenchie serenading me with Bill Wither’s songs

4. A good workout

5. Silly text messages from Pineapple and Mango

6. Hugs

7. Inspiring documentaries

8. Museums

9. Day Trips with Mi Amore

10. Fresh flowers

11. Delicious vegetarian dishes

12. Holding Hands

13. Wii parties with my family

14. Yoga

15. Nail polish

16. Natural Hair

17. Silly conversations with 6 years olds

18. Working on my genealogy

19. Surprise parties

20. Buddha statues

21. Gallery crawls

22. Slow dancing while dinner cooks

23. New earrings

24. Full moons

25. Old pictures

26. Historical walking tours

27. When my Aunt Pat calls me Kelley Belly

28. Ice cream

29. Chapelle Show reruns

30.  A good book

31.  An afternoon in the park

32. Honesty

33. A cold Popeye Punch from Luna’s

34. Moments when I realize how much I have grown

35. Cupcakes

36. Being tickled

37. Massages

38. One of a kind souvenirs

39. Trying something new

40. First class upgrades

41. Remembering my wedding day

42. The red clearance sticker at TJ Maxx

43. Roller coasters

44. Hot cocoa

45. Smiles from strangers

46. Cuddling

47. Voicemail messages from my mother

48. Learning something new

49. Helping a friend

50. Spending time with my brother O’neill

51. When Frenchie offers me his last bite

52. “Give It To Me Baby” by Rick James

53. Cards in the mail

54. Surprises

55. Wrapping gifts

56. Sushi

57. Consignment Shopping

58. Sunsets

59. Snorkeling

60. Rollerskating

61. New friends

62. Anniversaries

63. Laughing hysterically

64. Memories of summers spent in Columbus

65. Farmer’s Markets

66. Old Buildings

67. Trying new foods

68. Family Reunions

69. Encouraging words

70. Sitting outside on summer nights

71. Vintage accessories

72. Concerts

73. New readers on this blog

74. Helping a stranger

75. Romantic Gestures

76.  Functional Art

77. Finding notes/letters/cards I had forgotten about

78. Weddings

79. A good movie on the couch on rainy days

80. When the scales reads a smaller number than the last time

81. The smell of sunscreen

82. Juicing

83. Skipping

84. Catching up with old friends

85. Morning meditation

86. A clean house

87. Trying on expensive shoes that I have no intention of buying

88. Seaside meals

89. Action movies with lots of shooting and car chases

90. Spending lazy afternoons with my momma

91. Giving away things I no longer need

92. Morning walks on the greenway

93. The moment when your hard work pays off

94. A comfy house dress

95. The Orchid Pavilion at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

96. Go Getters

97. Being reminded that I am appreciated

98. Future Possibilities

99. Cooking

100. Traveling


Making this list was an excellent reminder for me to honor my happiness daily. I think when life gets busy or things aren’t going the way we planned this list can be a great reference of what can bring you back to your “happy place”.   Of course I can’t just go away to a beach destination whenever I feel a little down, but for me most of the things on my list are easily accessible without much means or time.  I keep telling you that being happy is not as hard as some people would have you believe.  Be awesome and as always, thank you for reading… Don’t’ forget to share your list below!

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28 thoughts on “#100ThingsThatMakeMeHappy

  1. This is awesome and something I will definitely do. To make sure I wasn’t influenced by your list, I decided not to read yours until I complete my list… I appreciate the idea and your attempt to help individuals focus on being more positive… Love it!

  2. Your blog always makes me happy, so you are already on my list. In fact you and the Revolution Ego ladies make me happy everytime the girls leave your magic salon with fabulous hair!!! My list starts today!!!! Thank you!!!

  3. Aaahhh, Kelley perfect timing……here goes.
    1. Typing this makes Me happy (because I have many things that make Me happy)
    2. Positive energy
    3. The completion of goals (I’m bored very easily)….what’s next is always on my radar.
    4. Time with My Son
    5. Time with My husband
    6. Bright nails
    7. Full skirts/Peplum skirts
    8. Magazines
    9. Self-help books
    10. The bible
    11. Water
    12. Fruit
    13. Spinach
    14. Shrimp
    15. Frilly tops
    17. Blush (MU)
    18. Lip gloss
    19. Work (my J.O.B. is tiring but I admit I love it)
    20. Being home
    21. Traveling with family (stay-cations or vacations)
    22. My age (a proud 37)….grateful for growth
    23. My sorority……(….Sorors that support ALL the time), so much wisdom from our Delta Dears (often times I feel as if I have 1000s of Grannys)
    24. My grandparents (90, and 92)
    25. My Big Brother (makes Me so happy that our son is named after him (Travis and Travis).
    26. Tinesha, Kelley, and Jaye (I cut all My hair off and the only thing I miss about it is the Ladies that pampered it) Gosh, I miss you Guys!!!!! Such a ball of positive energy. The Big Sisters I never had and rarely get to see. Wait a minute, I think i’m older than Kelley and Jaye (ducks head under the table)
    27. My Girlfriends (again, I rarely get to see them—just the thought of those Dolls make Me smile. It’s great to be in the company of Greatness.
    28.Vent Tees…lots of work to get it going…..lots of work to keep it going! The best is yet to come.
    29. Thinking about graduation. 4 months away (Grad. SCHOOL) yess…ready to grace the stage once again.
    30. The thought of being Dr.Barnes (hmmm, i’m probably done with school…for now..see #3
    31. Clean carpet
    32. A clean house
    33. Oddly enough. Paying bills. (strange huh)…I feel a level of independence when I do so.
    34. Planting flowers
    35. Walking on the beach
    36. Running
    37. My body (i’m happy with it)
    38. My Aunties (all 1000 of them)
    39. My nephew Tobie (My Moms Pup)
    40. My Hometown……keeps Me grounded
    41. Inspiring others
    42. Supporting others
    43. Giving/Serving
    44. A neat closet
    45. Candles
    46. My Dad and Stepdad (such a Daddy’s girl)
    47. My sons Friends (the little ones are now big ones)
    48. Thinking about being a College Mom
    49. Sitting in my sons room watching TV
    50. Dancing with My son
    51. LOVE
    52. Marital Bliss
    53. Talks with Mom
    54. Hanging out with Mom
    55. Pens, Paper, Sharpies, and Markers (teacher at heart)
    56. My haircut
    57. Flat shoes (I adore them actually)
    58. Stud earrings
    59. A Massage
    60. A clean house
    61. Reflecting
    62. Quiet moments
    63. My pillow
    64. My laptop
    65. My tablet
    66. My camera
    67. Trucks that sale watermelons (really country huh, but I love it)
    68. Market stands (bees and all)
    69. Allegra (i’m a mess without it)
    70. Meeting new people
    71. Laughing
    72. My Honey saying I love you a thousand times a day (we’ve been doing it since we were 16.
    72. My sons Hugs
    74. The News (reminds Me of when I use to watch it with My Grandfather.
    75. Museums (I love history)
    76. The smell of rain on a hot summer day
    77. Girl Scouts (natural born leaders and marketers)
    78. Saving money
    79. Shopping My closet
    80. Watching My husband and son sleep at night
    81. ..when the lightbulb in my head goes off
    82. When God speaks to Me and I really know its him speaking to Me.
    83. Memories of My Grandmother
    84. My Cousins
    85. My Uncles
    86. Memories of My Dad as a DJ
    87. Music
    88. Watching Fashion Shows online
    89. Rain Forests
    89. DC (my favorite city)
    90. Being a wife and Mom
    91. Reading
    92. Manis and Pedis
    93. Soft lighting
    94. Model homes (I always visit to get ideas) :)
    95. Road trips with My family
    96. Short flights
    97. Dispelling Myths about women
    98. Gummy bears
    99. My treadmill (does that go with running)
    100. What makes Me happy…..? Being Happy.

  4. Thanks for the head’s up on the Popeye punch from Luna’s. It was outstanding! Gotta try the Grey Hulk next….

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