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Spring Cleaning


So tomorrow is the first day of spring. The beginning of a cycle of rebirth. Renewal. Change. Growth. So in commemoration I have agreed to partake in a vegan liquid fast with my bestie Pineapple. I have managed to talk Frenchie into it as well . The fast is only for seven days but I am excited about the chance to clean up. I am ready. I am in need of some clean up of my diet, of my focus and my energy in general. Sometimes you get so busy “living” that you begin to be sloppy with the way you care for yourself, those around you and your own goals. This year has been amazing for me thus far and in preparation for all the greatness, adventure and happiness that awaits me in the coming months I need to make space. I probably should have told you all sooner so you could join me. I did talk about it on my personal FB page and there are some joining me, so come one come all… it’s really not too late. Let me know if you want more details. And maybe juicing for a week doesn’t fit into the type of “spring cleaning” you need. I still encourage you to evaluate where you want to be in a few weeks, months or years and take time to build a plan of action, a path to it.

I write this on the tail end of a week long vacation with my momma and Christian. It was an amazing time and I look forward to sharing those experiences in some upcoming posts.

This week will be, for me, the starting point for renewal of self care that leads to success in other areas. It is a the threshold of chances to grow from small changes in the way I eat, interact and spread happiness. I hope I don’t miss chewing and sugar too much… See you in a week :-)

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10 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. I did a juice fast in January for 7 days and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. My energy was good and I felt fine. By day 7 I got sick trying to “drink” my supper…I was hoping to last longer but I was happy to have committed to the week and I lost 15lbs :) With spring comes the energy for many new commitments, thanks for the inspiration! Good luck :)

  2. There was a young lady that I met at Yoga Shala Charlotte who worked at Luna Living Kitchen and she was talking about juicing and all that good stuff. I wanted to try it to cleanse my body and feel all rejuvenated but my itty bitty tail is trying to put on some pounds lol. I guess I can still get my juice on but switch up my eating a little bit? Or should I just do it for 3 days instead of 7 Idk if you have some suggestions do tell.

    1. Lol at Itty bitty tail… Maybe just replacing one meal with fresh juice and smoothie and going to an all plant based diet for a week. You can still eat to gain but clean up your plate. Let me know what you do and how it goes!

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