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#7daySpringClean COMPLETED

Seven whole days and not a morsel chewed… Over all the fast was great. I feel great. I had some time to experiment with juicing, smoothies and a chance to gain some focus. I figured it is only right for me to share some of my new insights so…

First, ACCEPT that everyone isn’t ready to join you, support you or understand you. AND THAT IS OKAY. Part of walking a line of growth is moving beyond the judgements of others and letting go of the need to judge others. Some people joined me on the fast, some people didn’t. Some people told me a fast was foolish. I know what it meant to me. I am proud of my effort and I have no love lost for anyone who didn’t participate or who attempted to tell me I shouldn’t. The same goes for my happiness. I share what makes me happy so that others may realize how easily you can be happy. Not everyone is ready to be happy and I am learning to accept that. And when my optimism is met with vigorous disdain it’s okay. I will be happy anyway.

STRENGTH resides within me (and you). The thought of 7 days on liquids was a bit daunting. I know now after the seventh day that I am capable. My love of food does not control me and I enjoyed exploring food in this way. I want to make sure you realize that this could be the same for any goal, adventure or dream. The thought of embarking on something new could be overwhelming, but you are stronger than you realize and until you make the efforts to at least get started you won’t really know how strong you are. Set a lofty goal, change the way you think about it and amazing results await you.

APPRECIATE where you are now because it is perfect. One year ago (post surgery) I was at my lowest weight as an adult. I had worked out and cleaned up my diet which left me feeling great and helped with a speedy recovery time. After summer I slipped into some bad habits and slowly put back on pounds. And I felt guilty about it. During the fast I began to realize that perfect doesn’t mean what I once thought it did. I had to stop focusing on a perfect weight and ask myself: Are you learning? Are you continually working to be a better person inside and out? While I am not at the goal weight I keep in the back of mind I am stronger than I was a year ago and I have learned about my own body as it grows and shrinks, ages and prepares for life’s changes and challenges. Feels “perfect” to me.

PREPARATION is essential for growth. The main reason I believe the fast went so well was the time Frenchie and I put into making sure our meals were ready to go. I never had to feel like I had no options because of a crazy schedule or because I was tired at the end of a long day. We prepared our meals the night before, juiced in our spare time and stored any leftovers. When it came time to head to work or grab a quick snack everything was there, ready to go. If you consider it preparation is going to make any new goal or journey more likely to succeed. You can’t control how your, day/week/month may go but if you are clear about what you want and have prepared options for how to get there, obstacles won’t cause you to lose focus.

Lastly, ENJOY changing. I will agree that it is not easy. Change brings discomfort until you realize the necessity of it. There will be people and things that once meant a lot that will begin to mean less. There will be people who don’t understand what you are doing or approve of the difference. As my momma constantly says: “season, reason, lifetime”… I can appreciate with new enjoyment making new and different friends and trying new things or finding joy in things that some may find mundane like going to bed early, day trips to museums or enjoying a quiet night at home with my love. They all enrich my experience as much as an awesome trip or great party so I appreciate it all.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the fast or encouraged me along the way. I would love to hear how it went for you… See you soon with a post about my time in Europe :-)


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2 thoughts on “#7daySpringClean COMPLETED

  1. i can’t wait to see you pictures of your last trip. i would complain that i was sick looking at your fabulous venture and then i would go back to see if you posted any new pictures on fb. CRAZY! i have a couple questions about your 7-day spring clean: 1. was it expensive? approximately how did you spend on fruit, vegetables, protein, etc. 2. how many juices or smoothies did you average in a day? i get really hungry in the evening, so i’m wondering 3. how did you handle your “hungry” times? thanks for your answers and always sharing your HAPPY :)

    1. Lol! I can’t wait to share about the trip… Next Week! Now to answer your questions: 1. To me the fast was not expensive because I wasn’t eating out and while juicing can use alot of veggies, smoothies and protien shakes supplemented me so the cost evened out. 2. I had about 24 oz of juices per day, two ten ounce protien shakes, one 12 oz smoothie per day and about 8 oz of liquid soup. I also drank half my body weight in water in ounces (at least) each day. 3. and honestly I wasn’t hungry. I was actually full alot of days and had to make sure I finished everything. If you need more ideas check out! Tinesha is organizing another fast for 4/20-27… Are you joining in?

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