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The Things We Buy To Cover Up What’s Inside

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“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” – Socrates

I have a confession: I have too many things. I’m not a hoarder, I just have more than I need and it’s become more than I want. I love pretty things, shiny things, “useful” things. The time has come though, to shed much of it. On a deep down level I think my things made me feel good about myself. I have more clothes than I can wear per season, more books than I will read this year and too many pots for my family of three. I’m done with that. I can’t organize it enough and I am tired of trying to find ways to store things I never use. I want to be free of the hold that holding on to so much has on me…

So I have decided to make a plan of it. I was inspired by my dear friend Kim who for the month of April got rid of things in correspondence with the date, April 1 = 1 thing, April 20 = 20 things and so on. I thought, “why not?!”, so as of May 1st it’s going down. 31 days is a whopping 496 “things” I must part with. I’m going to document the process, my own feelings and lessons, and come back here to share with you all.

To tell the truth I’m afraid. 496 is a shocking number. I computed it four times because hell, that’s almost 500. And maybe my math is wrong… Please tell me I’m wrong! Anyway I am afraid I will miss my things or regret a giveaway but more than afraid, I am excited. I am excited to truly enjoy what’s left, enjoy more time, less to pay for or organize. So now I invite you to join me. No rules, you know what you need to do for you. Just get rid of what’s weighing you down, getting in the way of the life you want…. People, actions, things. Let’s get free together. We will reconvene on June 1.

Freedom soon come :-)

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8 thoughts on “The Things We Buy To Cover Up What’s Inside

  1. I’m with Puddin…..I am in need of any size 16s? lol I haven’t purchased any size 16 because I haven’t claim that size. I just can’t but I need to. #seriously

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