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Forward is the Only Direction.

forwardThe only direction for life is forward. Nothing that’s been said, done or missed can be taken back. Regardless of your action or inaction, time will continue to move in a forward direction. Even if you spend time thinking about the past, you are still moving forward, neglecting the present. The question that I have is: Are you making decisions on a daily basis to get you closer to the life that you want or are you just moving along like you’re on an escalator without any perceived control?

We are all guilty of wasting time, energy and opportunities. We are on Facebook, Instagram and any other form of social media, watching television, idly existing, instead of interacting with the people in front of us, working on our own dreams, or finding true relaxation. We seem to prefer the dullness of distraction to the anticipated pain of defeat, disappointment or mistake. We glorify being busy but don’t truly accomplish anything. We don’t realize that the magical part of our lives lies just on the other side. We each deserve to be our best, to have our hearts desires and to be successful, but know one can make you see that….

Fear or love? You can break all action and thought into these two fields. Both can motivate people to extreme action but only love can create the things that make life joy filled. Nothing is more debilitating than fear. Following your fear will prevent you from working hard on things you claim to love because you can’t get past the possibility of disappointment. You are so caught up in fear that you would rather work hard on someone else’s dream or just talking about your dream not realizing that you will most certainly end up disappointed. When you take what you love and focus all your energy, your daily action on creating it in your life, you will find unmatched fulfillment.

Small steps still move you forward. So often we say, “Oh I can do _____ once ______ happens.” And then we sit idly by passively waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a change for ourselves. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news… There is no perfect time to start making steps towards the life you want. Something will always be there to try and stop you. You can dream about it, pray for it, make a vision board and light a candle… Your small actions, each and every day are what will take you to your next station in life. Regardless of your belief system please know that faith without work is entirely dead.

You are powerful beyond measure. Don’t continue the mistake of resigning your personal power to situations, events and people in your life. You were dreaming before your spouse, kids, job, bills. They aren’t going anywhere so find away to work on what’s going to move you and those you love forward. And if need be, walk away from situations that can’t change or that no longer serve your own goals. When you say you can’t do something because of someone or something else you are essentially saying you lack the power to change your own life. Where there is a will, there is a way. I know you heard that before…

Find your path and begin the journey…

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2 thoughts on “Forward is the Only Direction.

  1. Love Love love…..You are such a great writer! I just found my new favorite blog! I so live in the past LOL need to focus on now. See you in Yoga. -Maria

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