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00df6acfd9cbb28d3fd6e505eb6f6b3bA couple of months ago I called a friend, just to say hello and she told me her life was falling apart. I offered some advice, my help, and by the time the call ended she said she had some clarity. When we hung up, I sat there in shock because I felt like I missed something. I mean we “communicated” on social media often by liking and commenting on each other’s post. Her children were healthy and happy but the fact is social media was getting in the way of what’s going on in real life. The information, whether personal or news related, is not the whole picture. It can’t be. What is meant to connect us actually creates a space for each of us to be isolated into these remote and filtered interactions.

I  like social media. We don’t have cable or television service connected to our home so it is how I often find out about current events or stay abreast of my friends’ lives. I have family & friends all over the globe so it provides a simple way to share pictures of Palmer and see all my people, their families and adventures. I also use it daily to promote my business ventures, yoga classes and blog. I realized though that it was stunting me. With so much responsibility and only 24 hours in a day I decided to take a step back from it. I didn’t come off of every platform but I  let go of a personal Facebook page. I personally spent too much time reading, engaging and scrolling things that have nothing to do with my real priorities and that will get me no closer to my personal and professional goals. It has been amazing because of the richness that has been added to my real life.

I have had time to read books I enjoy, sit down and spend authentic time with the people I love, deepen my own studies of yoga and business and create. I still take pictures of Palmer growing and learning to share with family but with my phone often put away I feel free from constant updates and notifications. In changing the way I connect to my own village it has deepened my gratitude for honest communication, focused my energy on my passions and deepened my connections to my family and friends in real life.

I  challenge each of you to make time this week to call your friends and family, make time to be with the people you love and work on the things that bring joy to your life.

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