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My mom told me having a baby made me a hippie. I mean we cloth diaper and only feed Palmer organic food & use natural detergents, but to be honest I have been on this natural journey long before I became a mother. I think it just become more of a priority to pay attention to what we are putting in our bodies and on our bodies. I use to do full face make up every day and I loved perfumes and lotions but the more I thought about it I started to examine what was on my body and it changed my beauty regimen. Now don’t think I only bathe in rain water and make all my own products. I will wear make up when I have time or a special occasion.  I still get acrylic overlay on my fingernails, I like fancy nails but I work with my hands so consider it my beauty vice.  I’m not perfect. I just try to minimize my exposure to unnecessary toxins, support small business owners and reduce my impact on the environment. So often folks will ask me what moisturizer I use on my face or my favorite beauty products so I’m sharing what’s currently in my beauty box….

1. Facial soap: “Its Carrots, Honey” by Creamed Soaps

All my life I had the kind of skin that I could do anything to. Any soap, any make up, sleep in my makeup, never drink water, whatever… and then I turned 30. My skin checked me hard. I have tried many things since then but what I love is this soap. I have been using it now for about 8 months. It’s moisturizing, organic and locally made, a great value and produced by another woman business owner. She makes all the soaps herself and has a wide range of soaps. Lucky for me they are exclusively sold at Revolution EGO.

2. Facial Moisturizer:  Homemade Oil Blend

I have a friend named John, he looks 15, he is way older than 15 so one day I asked him what he uses on his skin and shared this gem with me. I have been using it for over a year and I am done with expensive moisturizers and creams.

Recipe: I use a 1 ounce bottle with a dropper.

1/4 of the bottle is coconut oil

1/4 of the bottle is grapeseed oil

1/4 of the bottle is jojoba oil

10 drops of carrot seed oil

I warm the coconut oil before I mix it all together. I use about 3 drops on my entire face each time I wash it.

3. Toner: Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar

Yes I am one of those people who thinks ACV is a miracle. I drink it in the morning, I use it for cleaning, I use it for cooking and I think it is a miracle for my skin. I use it in the morning before I moisturize, rubbing all over my face with a cotton ball. It is great for killing bacteria & shrinking pores. Just after I got pregnant with Palmer I began using it on my face to deal with some break outs and it has remained a regular part of my regimen.

4. Body Soap: Bronner’s Castille Soap

I was first introduced to the soap when I looked up a recipe for making wipes when I first began my cloth diaper life. I used it in my mix, but then my same friend John told me he used it for his body  soap. If you know John you know how beautiful and luxurious his skin is so I was sold on giving it a try. It comes in different scents for your preference, but more importantly it is organically produced and follows fair trade standards. It comes in liquid form and works best for me if I dilute 50/50 with water in a spray bottle.

5. Body Moisturizer: More Homemade Oil Blends

Basically the recipe is the same as the face oil blend minus the carrot oil. I use a bigger bottle of course and it has replaced lotion for me. I usually order my oil in bulk online or from the local heath food suppliers.  Every bit of it is edible so I feel good about it being absorbed into my largest organ (my skin).

6. Deodorant: Crystal Deodorant

I love this stuff. It uses natural mineral salts to create an odor-killing barrier that blocks the formation of bacteria that cause odor as opposed to masking odor like traditional deodorants. No chemicals and no funky underarms. I don;t have a problem with odor  even after exercising, yoga or bike riding.

7. Smell Good: FreeSoul Body Products

I like to treat myself and probably about a year ago my friend and MUA Joy gave me a gift pack of body scrub and body balm for Christmas. I fell in love. Besides smelling wonderful, the products felt great, left me feeling smooth and they are locally produced by another woman business owner. Joy actually gave the product to my business partner and as soon as we started talking about expanding our retail it was the first product we added because we both loved it so much. Poor Palmer is always trying to eat it because it smells so delicious. Gladly I don’t have to worry if he gets into it because it is all natural.

Basically this is all I use on my body except for the occasional hair product and mascara. My hippy mama beauty kit. Keeping me fly and healthy <3

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4 thoughts on “My Beauty List

  1. i PROMISE you i was looking at how to make a natural decreaser yesterday. (baking soda, castille soap, and essential orange oil came up)

    other than that i really want to only keep 3 things in my house for cleaning:
    1. bleach
    2. vinegar
    3. alcohol (?) i can’t remember if that’s really the third one. everything costs less than 2 dollars.

    i haven’t decided what to do about clothes detergent yet. Thanks for this post!

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