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The Compassion To Do List

compassionThe past week, I ended up having so many conversations about the concept of compassion. It is an easily understood concept but not so easily executed in daily life. Online and in real life we are so quick to make an assumption about what another person should be doing based on our understanding of their situation that we end up being thoughtless and judgmental, potentially causing further pain to those around us.
It’s easy to say that someone who doesn’t return a hello is just rude or that the person driving slowly in front of you is ruining your day but how much different can our daily interactions be if we remember that each person you encounter is having their own experience and for a lot of people, life is filled with pain. Your unfriendly coworker maybe in an abusive relationship or the survivor of severe trauma and what you consider being rude is them just trying to focus on keeping it together to get through the day. The person driving slowly, may have only learned of loss and is trying to get to their destination through tears or anguish. So maybe you think you can’t help relieve the pain of another, I made you a list of  simple ways to show compassion on a daily basis…

Give a compliment that has nothing to do with someone’s physical appearance.

Give a hand, a smile or encouraging word to a mother or father with their hands full in a restaurant, grocery store or airport.

Carry an elderly strangers groceries for them.

Offer a coffee to your grumpy coworker.

Share a joke in the elevator.

Don’t beep your horn at the person driving too slowly in traffic.

Say thank you to all service employees and use the name on their name tag.

Call a relative who lives alone.

Make a meal for a friend, neighbor or family member and invite them over to fellowship.

Send a “just because” card to someone you love.

Ask people how they are and truly listen to what they share. 

Smile at strangers.

Let someone know you see them doing something hard and encourage them to keep going.

Randomly thank the people who raised you for getting you to adulthood.

Send good morning texts to people you love.

Don’t have the last word.

Reach out to your spouse/significant other during their day to thank them for all they do.

Tell people you love them and why you love them as often as possible.

Let someone into your lane while waiting in traffic.

Cut yourself some slack and do something that brings you joy, because we cannot share with others something we are not willing to give to ourselves.

Have an amazing week!

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