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Your Second Trip Around the Sun.

” You are a wonderful manifestation. The whole universe has come together to make your existence possible. There is nothing that is not you.”


– Thich Nhat Hanh


Today is Palmer’s second birthday and as a family we are enjoying the town of Tulum. Really Palmer doesn’t understand what it means to have a birthday, if you ask him how old he is, he say 3 months. If you correct him to say he is 2 years old he says, “I don’t want a two year old.” Lol.


I am so grateful for my independent  little left handed/helper/adventurer/singer/dancer/funny guy.

I’ve decided to use this and future birthday posts to highlight where my little guy is, what he loves and what brings a smile to our faces about him at these milestones.  So I present Palmer at 2…


Palmer loves:


“Jamming”- which generally means dancing, head bobbing, snapping and/or drumming to music around him. He loves all kinds of music and makes this funny face when the beat gets good.

Eating. Period. He will eat all day if you keep feeding him. Still a vegetarian, his favorites are broccoli,  applesauce, smoothies and peanut butter “samaliches” aka sandwiches.

Jumping. On beds,  on you, on the ground, in the morning,  at bedtime.  Jumpman, jumpman, jumpman, Wheeeew!

Reading. His librarian Gigi is rubbing off on him. He loves to be read to but also to read to you.

“Paci” aka his green soothie pacifier. He will be saying good bye soon though, because, well, it’s time.


Palmer says:


Everything we say, so we have to watch it. But I am always amazed at his understanding of context and use of full sentences. Some of my favorites are:


“I can’t believe it!”

“Are you serious mama?”

“Don’t do that!”

“Moon? Where are you?”

“It’s okay!” (Accompanied by sweet taps on your back if he sees you crying or thinks you are upset.)

“I love you too.”

Palmer has a funny habit of asking you for what he actually  wants so if he wants some water he will say, “Mama, are you thirsty? You want some water?” It’s funny but also helpful in avoiding tantrums. I hope he continues to be a great communicator.


I am excited about this next year with our little guy as he keeps growing, exploring, navigating potty training and his new role as big brother!


I am grateful for the village of folks who continue to love and support our little family. We appreciate your help, babysitting, kind words and support!


Happy birthday Palmer. May you always be happy and free, and may the love we give you always support your happiness and freedom.


Love Mama



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