Infectiously Happy

With Four Weeks Left.

Excited. Anxious. Grateful. Ready.


Pregnancy will do a funny thing,  it will make you appreciate a body you once hated. It will make you so grateful for its ability to support two lives. This pregnancy has been completely different that the first. I have a special respect for women who have two or more children within a short time span because chasing toddlers and growing a baby is serious business.  I am so fortunate to have an amazing village around me. I am anxious to meet this new person who has already added so much joy to my corner of the world.


Thank you Catherine for painting this big old belly and your amazing loving energy.

Thank you Jasiatic for being a continuous support in this mom life. I am so grateful for these images of me pregnant for the second time.



  1. DSC_8274aDSC_8003DSC_8036DSC_7926



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