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Packing My Bag.

delivery bag (1)We are just over a week out from the anticipated arrival of our next little one. A son. I am so excited about meeting this little guy, but right now I am downright exhausted from chasing my passions and chasing after Palmer. As of today he is neatly tucked up with no intentions of coming down anytime soon.  We have gotten things ready around our house, my mother in law arrives tomorrow, my maternity leave began last week and I have begun the process of preparing my bag for my impending hospital stay. Last time I had a bunch of stuff I didn’t need and I had to send Frenchie home a few times to grab some things that were essential for my stay. This being my second time at the rodeo, I figured I would share some of the things I am definitely taking with me.

  • Real Food. So is it just me or is the food in hospitals suspect in the make-you-feel-better department? Salty chicken broth, gelatin and starches make my tummy ache just thinking about them. I definitely need something to help me get my strength up and sustain me. I already placed an order for cold pressed, organic juice from my favorite, Happy Apple Juicery. If I have to be confined to the hospital, I want to at least be filling my body with something delicious and good for me.
  • Boob Friendly but Equally Cute Lounge Wear. I would like to let you know that I am queen of the mumu or caftan. Pregnant or not, I love the subtle and effortless beauty of a flowing silky, printed drape. I am so very fortunate to be surrounded by talented folks and my sister-friend Kenya made me a beautiful wax print nursing caftan when I had Palmer. Two years (and hundreds of nursing sessions) later it is still as comfy as ever. I will be bringing it and the new one she is crafting with me to the hospital so I can look regal for visitors and on IG and FB, but also get to the milk bar!
  • Nipple Love. This is essential. Those sweet babies come out and will tear a hole in your nipple if you aren’t careful. They will offer you all kinds of lanolin, but I personally have sensitive skin and when it was offered to me at Palmer’s birth I couldn’t do most of its ingredients, on top of being cautious about what was going to be up against my little Palmer’s mouth. Luckily another mom had hipped me to “Motherlove”. It isn’t going to take away that initial discomfort of the two of you learning how to navigate latching but it does offer relief in between, helping with healing from blisters and cuts and the all natural ingredients are of little concern for sensitive skin and little baby mouths.
  • Moisure.  Maybe it’s just me but the hospital is the driest place ever. While I am there I always feel like sandpaper. My skin is dry, hair is dry, lips dry… I do have a quick solution though. Jane Carter’s Nourish and Shine. I can use it on every square inch of my body, it smells great and replenishes all the moisture that seems to be sucked out of my body during a hospital stay.
  • Peace and Harmony. Literally. It is a wonderful blend by NOW essential oils… Because child birth, or rather the chaos of family dynamics, doctors, nurses, sleeplessness and more can get the energy out of order!  My bestie Tinesha introduced me to this beautiful blend during the summer. I wear it almost daily and it will be in my bag for generous application as needed!
  • Milk Machine. During the birth of Palmer we had some unexpected occurrences that ended in Palmer spending some time in the NICU. Read more about that here. For several days I was unable to hold or nurse him while they stabilized his condition. I really wanted to make sure he was getting the best source of nutrition, so I started pumping right away but had to depend on the hospital supplied breast pump for the first couple of sessions. I had a pump at home, but hadn’t thought to bring it. My hubby went home for it on his first opportunity, but this time I will be bringing it along just in case. The hospital supplies were clean and sanitary, but their pump was attached to a stand that required I be sitting upright, almost on the edge of the bed, was so loud and I had to wheel it down to the NICU to sit near P. I have the Medela Freestyle which is a little bigger than a cell phone, works great but quietly and can be used in the bed, car or anywhere else with ease.

So of course I will have comfy panties and my phone charger, but these essentials are going to add some comfort to my exciting adventure next week! I am pretty sure the next time I share with you I will be snuggling up to my new baby. Congrats to all the new mamas who check this out. I appreciate all the love and encouragement that has been shared with our family leading up to this time. See you on the other side of this adventure called childbirth!


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