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What do you want to create?

what-do-you-want-to-createI’m going to slide into this post like I have been posting regularly… like I haven’t been writing this post for a few months… like I am not finishing up at 1130pm on a Saturday, with a baby tied to my chest… Lately I have been asking myself the same question. What do I want to create? Why should I be a part of this or that? Why should I work on those days? Why should I start a new project or offer new classes? The why is rooted in one thing: my motivation. What am I trying to create in my life? The lives of my small children? In my community?  I think it is important to check in often to make sure that your daily actions are in line with your focus. So lets start with my motivation/goal/focus… most simply it is EASE. I don’t mean I want everything to be easy. By EASE I mean I don’t want my peace disturbed. I don’t want temporary situations and emotions to take me to places of needless suffering… I want joy to be the norm of my day. I want my ease to inspire peace within every single person I have contact with and experience I am a part of. For me ease can mean a lot of things. It means being rooted in my choices for occupation and lifestyle so even in tough times I don’t want to abandon it. It can mean financial abundance so there is not the stress of figuring out how to make ends meet. It can also mean the freedom to enjoy the things that bring me joy daily and not just on the weekend, in the midst of a jam-packed schedule. I am at the beginning of a phase of teaching less, preparing and learning. I am pulling back and turning inward. I am making space for changes, growth and creation. I want to remind you that we are each powerful in our own lives, so the ease I seek can only be created by me. I have a few notions on how…

Minimize. I think I have been saying this for a while but, Less is more. We deserve to have order, focus and a sense of direction in all aspects of our lives. The more we have, the more fragmented our energy becomes. For me, it has been important to focus on what is contributing to what I want to create [read:EASE]. This means my interactions are changing, my habits are changing and my spaces are changing. I am walking in the practice of aparigraha, sanskrit for Non-Attachment. I frequently come back to ask myself, “What do you want to create?” and I let my answer serve as the guide. What stays and what goes, are tied to the answer. The purging is not easy but it is necessary.

Take daily action. Take the big steps or the baby steps, hell crawl if you need to but take action. Talking about the life you want is great. Contemplating. Reading. Studying… All of it is beneficial and inspiring, but it is wholly useless unless it is accompanied by action. We will let fear paralyze us at every turn, but life is truly meant for living and thriving. We cannot expect to live if we are only trying to survive or addicted to the suffering that comes with living a life without purpose or drive. Connect to what you really want. Make a list of the steps that get you there. Then get to work on creating.

Remember it is all temporary. The road to ease may  be filled with little pebbles. The irritating kind that find their way into your shoe when you are really on the move. Maybe there is one small one or a whole heap that make you feel like you can’t continue, like you selected the wrong path. It is in those moments that you must have a conversation with yourself. I have to remind myself of the temporary nature of everything. The ability to connect to my goal of creation refocuses my energy but also serves to give perspective.

Be authentic in your quest. Be real. Be vulnerable. Tell the truth. And this one will make you unpopular. We are so conditioned to put on a mask and create an identity that we are not creating a life we love. It becomes the opposite of ease. We are consistently trying to keep up the façade and it is exhausting. Even in business we are taught to keep a firm line between personal and business. I had to ditch that advice. I am mindful of business needs but I am honest with my clients, students and business partners. I want to create wellness in my community and to do that I have to make it personal. I have to be real about where I am on that journey.

I am one week into this self-imposed period of reflection and preparation and I already feel a big shift. I have enjoyed some long over due moments of rest. I am looking forward to the time with family that comes with this time of year. I am looking forward to sharing more here. I will continue to ask myself, “What do you want to create?”. I want to challenge you to do the same. Let’s be mindful with our lives, intentional with our energy and open to the unfolding of our individual journeys.

What do you want to create?

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