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Day 1 of 36. 

Baby Duke was snuggling me against the cold breeze of today!
Waiting excitedly for our train while Baby Duke was snuggled against me to protect him from the cold breeze of today!



In 36 days I celebrate my 36th birthday. For a while I have viewed my own birthday as my personal New Years Day. Last year I set some intentions for myself and refocused my own energy on creating a life that made me feel good. I set and met personal and professional goals, welcomed our sweet baby Duke and learned alot about myself in regards to grief, gratitude and manifesting.

I worked hard this year. I chose to work hard. All of it was beautiful, inspiring and powerful for me. In a way I set out to prove to self that I could make a “living” doing whatever I love. When November arrived I began a process of pulling back, reducing my teaching schedule and minimizing my output. Today I am going a little deeper into my own rabbit hole. I have decided to dedicate these last 36 days of my year to preparing, fortifying and readying myself. I am assured that next year, my 36th year is going to be incredible. For that I need to be at my best. My best is changing all the time, but I am certain that I must take some time to focus on nourishing myself, moving with intention and becoming clear about what I want to create.

Over the last month, I have had more time to study new and different ideas about varied topics like creating personal rituals, baking, geneaology, persoanl development, community advocacy and numerology. The numerology plays a big part in what I have decided to do… {cue twilight zone music}.  I know there are folks who aren’t going to get it. Luckily I am not living for others. This connection to numbers is really just about focusing my energy and actions on what I want to create in this next year of life. So Let’s look at the number 36…


What are you talking about Kelley? Lol. I am really talking about using my every day actions to connect with all the above. I don’t have some grand plan for healing the world. I do have grand intentions of letting my actions contribute to it… Creatively, seriously and playfully.

For the time being I have stopped using my personal social media platforms. I learned after the very first day that I was wasting at least 45 minutes each morning scrolling, posting, liking, commenting and the rest. The very first morning I let it go I felt the ease of having more time for real life… Eating breakfast, extra snuggles from my babies, an inspiring conversation with a friend. I want more of that. I am also commiting to blogging for the 36 days. Not really as a proof to anyone but more as a way to unpack what I am learning so I can reflect. I want to be able to come back here through out the year and connect to the intentions I have now.

Today was a beautiful day that started out by waking early enough to practice yoga (for 15 minutes, ha!) before Duke joined me. We enjoyed some snuggles and tumbles on the mat together before waking Palmer and taking some regular errands and turning them into a playful adventure that included a walk, a piano concert, a craft fair that (included a gemstone dig) and a train ride. All of it unfolded unexpectedly but was a beautiful morning outing. I am grateful to have time today to be free to enjoy their joy.

Piano concert by Palmer at 7th Street Market before heading home for nap time!
My little gemstone digger found me a clear crystal quartz and a moss agate for himself.

Spending a care free afternoon with my babies may not seem like an act of helping mankind on the surface but be sure, they are my greatest gift to the world. Each moment that I can show them tenderness, love and allow for their curiosity I am contributing to good on this planet.  I am not sure what I will be blogging about each day, I am going to let them come up organically. Thanks for checking me out. I hope your day is/was blissful.

Ciao for now <3

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  1. Thanks for sharing of yourself and the boys!!! Numerology is something I too would like too learn more about. I’m especially interested in seeing if there is any comparison in the use of numbers spiritual setting. You’ve just given me something to study. Much Love!!!!!

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