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Day 3 of 36: Find the Ease 

Yesterday got a bit out of hand, hence my delayed blog post!  Lol. Let’s hope you weren’t holding your breath. So tomorrow is a holiday, I am going to call it Thankful day. I would post about the terrible massacre that happened if I was on FB, but since I am not you can click HERE to learn more. Could  make for interesting convo with your loved ones tomorrow. But anyway, yesterday  I was a bit overwhelmed with clients in the salon, baking and babies. Last night I realized that I needed to slow down so I went to bed at 930! And when Duke woke me up around midnight, I felt bad because I hadn’t made time for this. So today,  in lieu of yesterday, I want to remind you that you are going to have to find some ease for yourself. You deserve it. Even if your to do list is lengthy, make space for your breath. 

This helped remind me, maybe it can help you!

Click BREATHE to find your ease! 

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One thought on “Day 3 of 36: Find the Ease 

  1. Ease is my goal today, even with the new list that requires me to cook the thanksgiving meal. I am grateful for the abundance of food accessible and the dwelling we call our home. Be well Kelley!

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