Infectiously Happy

Day 5 of 36: Life is Sweet.

Sweet mid day snuggles from Baby Duke.

I know that life can be messy and painful. I cried this morning in the shower, first because I miss Pat. I long to hand Duke to her and watch them nuzzle and laugh together. Then I cried because I thought of the people I know that are waking up to a first, or second, or twentieth holiday without someone they love. I know they say time heals but ho1lidays can be hard. I have moments of wanting to be done with sadness but it is important for each of us to honor and make space for the full range of emotions and experiences…  I stepped out of the bathroom to a grinning baby and I cried a little while I dressed with him at my feet because he is an amazing reminder of the endless cycle of love. If Pat hadn’t poured so much love into me, I might not even be at this point  to have and love this beautiful baby. His sweetness is salve to my heart many days. 

Today I got to spend all morning with my mama and my babies. I got to hug my oldest friend. I got to eat dinner with my family and some friends, my hubby even got off early. We came home with full bellies and laughed with our boys until bedtime. Bed time was chaos and I am currently laying in bed feeling grateful that they are all asleep but also for the life I have and the people in it. I am grateful for the opportunity to gather and enjoy our choice of foods. I am thankful for safe and loving relationships. I am grateful to be able to earn money doing things that I love with people that I love. I hope you had a chance to find some sweetness in this day. 

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