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Day 6 of 36: sick day

We woke up like this… Truly.

I woke up feeling yucky. Palmer did too. One of us cried all morning, or at least until he had some tea. I guess we are sick. Not baby Duke… Thank God for breastmilk. In the spirit of honoring all of it, we took it so easy that I don’t even know how we got to the evening. My babies must of known I needed some recuperation time because they were happy to watch movies, sip tea and soup and take long cuddly naps. I call that a Sick Mama’s Thanksgiving. Truly. 

I did, however, do a bit of purging and moving around of furniture and energy in our little house. I am grateful for this home but find myself frustrated with it lately, sick of the kitchen and small bathroom, ready to move. But just like my body told me to take some time to attend to myself, I took some time to focus my energy on rejuvenating our arrangements. I will be grateful for this warm, safe space that has been our home until it isn’t. 

Sculpture discussion group.

In between my Dr  Quinn Medicine Woman duties (mainly keeping the echineaca tea and elderberry syrup flowing) and crazy cleaning lady purge, I discussed sculpture and volcanoes Palmer,  colored and treated us to Pho. 

Pho makes life worth living.

Today was a good(sick) day❤

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