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Day 7-8: Action cures Fear

It’s on my planner, kinda serving as a reminder to stop getting stuck in that holding pattern that fear creates. I mentioned earlier this week a list of intentions I set for myself for 2016 and this morning I revisited THE LIST, just  for my own check in to see what I have left undone this year. Alot of it has unfolded in a way that leaves me feeling great and ready to set nee intentions for 2017. Some of it I am not sure I want anymore but a few of them are still there for me. They are still daunting for me BUT I am slowly moving through them, towards them. Baby steps. And every time I feel fear getting closer I say to myself: ACTION CURES FEAR.

Being away from social media, even for this short time has been a big help because I have had time to work on some big personal and professional goals but also because I have had time to color and jam to new music and sit in silence, think and write. I am actually kinda sad about the amount of time I have apparently wasted scrolling and such. I let go of that guilt though, in one of those sitting in silence moments. Even when I put those apps back on my phone, I am going to be very intentional about staying connected to the importance of disconnecting. Self study is the most important form of study. 

So here is my point… Let’s just do what we need to do. Let us get to work on our hearts callings. Let’s  take the baby steps, do the hard work. Action cures fear. We each deserve a life that is good, not just looks good. We each have the power to create that in our own lives, in different ways. Ciao for now… I’ve got work to do. 

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