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Day 9: Nourishment 

Let me be honest, blogging everyday is more difficult some days then others. It has been helpful for me though, because I have a bunch of ideas floating in my pretty head and even though I am only sharing a few here each day I am forced to organize, focus and dig a little deeper. 

A few months ago I started reading about mindful eating and decided to incorporate some of the practices into my own life. It is a move to get away from the mindset of restriction or lack in the form of dieting. It has meant some simple changes but I have felt the power of that shift.   

Most recently I eliminated gluten, dairy and processed sugar from my consumption. Baby Duke showed signs on sensitivity that manifested as sensitive, dry and itchy skin. He mainly consumes breastmilk so I made the shift in my diet. I think without the mindful eating practices it would have been much harder to navigate.  I even made four dishes for Thanksgiving to replace the dairy and gluten I would have usually consumed. I am happy to already see some improvements in my little guy.

 At this point on my wellness journey I am asking myself daily, “What do I want to create ?”. The question has been helpful in deciding how I move, what I eat and how I engage with the world around me. Nourishment is about more that food. For me, it is connected to everything that I take  in.  And in some ways, is what led to me reconsidering how I would use social media or connect to family and friends. 

Have a powerful day.❤

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