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Day 11 & 12: Say Something real


I have this client, Christal. She has become more of my friend (like many of my clients) and her visits to the salon are a mix of joking, catching up and me “whispering to her fro”. Lol.  Christal made that up. What I love best about my time with her is the very real conversations we get to have. Last night we stood in the rain talking about death, gratitiude and life’s purpose. I went home floating and drifted off to sleep meaning to post something simple for day 11, which was yesterday… So let this serve as 11 & 12.

Say something real today. Have an authentic conversation about something, with anyone. Genuinely express something, even if you have to whisper it to yourself. We deserve to dig deeper and connect with others on that level. The time has come to be open. Like my dear friend John Love says, open all of your doors, all of your windows.  It’s okay to cry or to lose composure. I did last night and will any time, really. We have the right to fully express and honor who we are and what we are struggling with, what makes us happy, what we really want in this life. It is okay to be unabashedly joyful, in love, in bliss. Don’t continue to put a shade on what you are feeling both good and bad. They all serve the same purpose… To grow, inspire and transform you. You are stifling yourselef every time you decide to be surface. You should treat yourself better.  You are furthering the divide between yourself and love. It can only flourish in real spaces.

I said it yesterday to Christal and will say it now, If we were meant to be alone in our experiences we wouldn’t be so surrounded by others. We keep inventing ways to be more connected and it has only served to create a disconnect. We forget that real people are more than likes and FB comments. We need to be tending connections in real life. Reach out today. I am here, if no one else seems to be.


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