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Day 13, 14 & maybe 15…

I keep being asleep by 930pm, which I am not going to even  feel bad about. I feel rested as hell so I am going to  keep it up. My last couple of days have been a manifestation of hard work. Yesterday was Ujamaa, a holiday market to support other women owned businesses in my community. It is the second year that Revolution EGO has hosted this event and yesterday was AMAZING!!!  I am laying awake at 4am looking at photos, so blown away and energized from a day of true collective economics. 

I always have moments when I am working on projects that are important to Tinesha and I where I am so nervous about how it will be received or supported and yesterday was no different but I was exceptionally nervous because we had 20+ other businesses trusting us with their brands, arts, creations and crafts. I am so grateful for each of them and for the people who came out to support them and us. The day was beyond anything I could have imagined. We decided to do this because we wanted to support others and create a way to introduce people to the beautiful talents right here in our city. Last year and this year, I had folks doubting and second guessing our efforts. Tinesha and I were committed to this and yesterday was confirmation for me that the effort was entirely worth it.

This post is to remind you that the universe is continually working in your favor. The ability to create is there. The possibility for success is a sure thing when you are connected to your purpose. Yesterday was a clear message to me about the power of community and the power of spreading love. Let’s continue to move forward. Make the effort to do more than survive. We have to keep lifting one another and working together. 

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2 thoughts on “Day 13, 14 & maybe 15…

  1. It was great! I’ve got to get my hands on an Ego coffee mug. Some of the businesses I had never heard of. I only got to come for the last hour, but I really enjoyed it.

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