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Day 16: I take care of myself…

Mantra soap from SisterCare Alliance. I read it aloud everytime I shower… “I take care of myself in every way and in every environment. ”

… In every way and in all environments. In business and leisure. In family, marriage, motherhood and friendships. And for some reading this, you will assume selfishly. I take care of myself first because if not I am useless to everyone else. I can’t be all there to love, support or build with my husband and sons, sisterfriends, family or community if I don’t first pour love and care into myself. I taught a class last night and the mantra was: I deserve my own care. 

You do. We all do. I see so many stupid memes about putting others before yourself. I have been accused of being a bad friend if I create boundaries or walk away from interactions in the name of my own needs. I’ve read articles about the selflessness a good mother should have. MALARKEY.
Let me tell you that it’s a lie. To be great and loving… present with gratitude and compassion, You will have to take care of you. You will have to make yourself a priority. You may have to leave or stop. You will have to say no and let that be a complete sentence. You will have to make space for yourself. You will have to be authentic and spend time learning who you are and what you need/want. You will have to eat well. You will have to be tender with yourself. You will have to step into your  power.  You will have to decide you want a life that really feels good, instead of just  looking good. 

Taking care of you is going to be hard work. 

You are worth it.

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2 thoughts on “Day 16: I take care of myself…

  1. Thanks you for this – this is an area I excel in hardly but have learned is so needed. I’m better than I used to be but not as good as I need to be – here’s me practicing saying ‘No’ or ‘No thank you’ :)

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