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Day 22 & 23: Palmer was born in the circle of the sun. 

Balloons for the birthday boy.

Today in the third celestial return of Palmer. It’s his birthday. Our birthing  day.  I guess as your children get older this day gets less magical… I hope not. I understand why my own mama wanted to be near me on my own birthday. I am still in awe of this experience of mothering Palmer. This year of his life has evolved in so many ways. He is constantly teaching us that he is his own person [read: having unpredictable mood swings and tantrums]. Every day he seems taller and more like a big boy than a baby. I only cried once today. This is my third birthday post to Palmer and as promised, these posts are dedicated to remembrance of who he is now because he is continually evolving… Click for Year 1 and Year 2.

Palmer loves…

The wonder of the three year old mind.

the Moon. He sings to it. He looks for it every night. He now has a plastic moon that lights up on his wall. 

His brother… Most of the time.

Planes (paper airplanes mostly . )

Volcanoes. His knowledge of magma and lava is impressive.


Living room dance parties. He prefers Funk and Afrobeat but will jam to anything. 

Cooking and baking with me.

This year Palmer…

Brotherly love.

Became a big brother. He is evolving in this role but does love to make Duke laugh. We are still working on being gentle and sharing. 

Started school. This is the first time he has been away from us and not with our family or friends.  He loves going to Roots at ALC Mosaic and it feels good leaving him there each time. Even today at the circle time set aside to celebrate his latest trip around the sun was confirmation that he is in a community that supports what we try to create for him at home. They sang a song about his trips around the sun, we looked at photos of him on this day for the last three years and we all shared cookies.

The offering board at school today.

Palmer is my cautious adventurer. He is creative and inquisitive. He can be temperamental and seems to feel very deeply. He is kind and loving. He is funny. He celebrated yesterday with a family dinner at Nakatos where he revealed he is scared of fire. 

With Uncle O’neill. Not shown: the meltdown over the fire used for cooking and his birthday candle.

Happy birthday Palmer. You will always be my first lesson in the depth of motherly love. I am so grateful for you and your heart. May you always know how much you are loved. 

Love Mama ❤

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One thought on “Day 22 & 23: Palmer was born in the circle of the sun. 

  1. Happy Birthday Palmer! Kelley, you are an amazing person. The love, guidance and individuality you surround your boys with is inspiring and infectious. 💜

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