Infectiously Happy

Day 24,25 & 26: Keep Pushing.

On January 15th I posted a blog about setting intentions for yourself. See for yourself HERE. In it I included a list of things I wanted to unfold  in my own life. Somethings happened so quickly, somethings I changed my desire to complete and others are still manifesting themselves. What I am continually blown away by, even 16 days away from the end of the year, is how most of it came together in ways I could have never imagined… 2016 has been the bomb. I am so excited about next year. 

I am here with a reminder to you that whatever you are working for or towards is coming. You just have to keep pushing. We are all encountering stumbling blocks and distractions. Acknowledge it. Honor the lessons but DO NOT STOP! We deserve to have a life that really feels good. No one is going to create it for you. 

I am on the last, very tedious steps of a really important and terrifying project and several times this week I have wanted to give  up.  I have tried to talk myself out of it. I am grateful for friends, a husband and  my mother who are holding me accountable and encouraging me to keep pushing. 

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