Infectiously Happy

Day 27, maybe 28 too. Misery Loves Company… 

Because this is so common you are probably like, “Duh Kelley.” Also, I am losing  count of the days… Whatever man. 

I am still going to remind you about the nature of spreading pain though… Especially because this time  of year brings out the most miserable. Be careful because  social media makes it possible for the misery to be spread virtually. That shit is toxic. I am reminded daily that the break  I am on is beneficial in terms of making definitive boundaries between myself and the people who are hell bent on being miserable. I am enjoying the real life conversations and connections that have had time to truly be nurtured. I am not  saying I will never be back.  I am saying it helped me identify what & who is more important. Folks use social media to get out the negative energy that is festering in their own lives…  

Be aware of the ways you spread toxic energy. We are responsible for the energy we share. It is natural to feel anger, sadness, frustration, etc. In some ways it can be helpful to talk to someone about it. It is  helpful to take time to heal yourself.  You deserve to be healed. We don’t have to spread our own pain though… Not through negative conversations, attention seeking or unnecessary drama. Connect to the people who are committed to raising the vibration.  Engage with the people who are going to inspire, support and love you. Misery can’t thrive in the presence of love anyway. 

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