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Day 29 and 30… An attitude of gratitude. 

2016 has been phenomenal. TRULY! I entered the year grief stricken but intentional about my own healing. I had some things I really wanted to see manifest and man have they!  I am not saying there haven’t been some tests and moments of uncertainty. Words are not going to be enough and I will certainly cry and  forget someone or something but please charge it to my head and not my heart.  I am grateful for all of it. In the spirit of gratitude I have a list…

Baby Duke. He joined our family on 3/1/2016. He mended some broken hearts with his birth, including my own. 

Barrington Steed. Also known as my husband. He is a talented artist but has not had much time to create. I am grateful that this year he is back creating on top of being an awesome father and loving mate. I love you Carboni. 

Palmer. Threenager life is interesting. I am learning ALOT about patience and moving away from the mindset of lack. It has a powerful impact on dealing with a moody and head strong toddler. I love his loving heart and quick wit. I think he got his attitude naturally  (from me) so I get it. 

Revolution EGO. We are completing our fifth year of business and this year has been a powerful manifestation of our mission statement. I love how it is evolving. 

My business partner and bestie Tinesha. She has held me down this year, not unlike the 15 years before, but I am grateful for our sisterhood and solidarity in creating the life we want for ourselves as business partners and friends. 
Shanice. She is amazing to work with. I am so grateful for her smiles each  morning and her unwavering commitment to Revolution EGO. 

My accountability partners. Setarra and Nicole. They hold matches to the soles of my feet, not literally but truly in terms of pushing me to follow through, take the baby steps and face my fears. This two are dynamic in their own right so I am honored to be in their ranks. 

 My mama. She continues to be the best mama in the world. I know I am biased but she truly is amazing. I owe her my life, continually. 

 My mother in law, Tina. She gave birth to my soulmate and for that I will always be grateful. I am thankful that from across the sea she makes time to be connected to my babies in her own special way.

O’neill. I am grateful for him as a lifetime friend and amazing uncle. He turned 30 this year and I so happy to see him working so hard on things he loves. 2017 is going to be even more amazing. 

 Aerin.  She isn’t my sister in law but I sure hope she is one day. She has been down for my family since day one and I love the way she loves my brother.

 Brandy. Best babysitter. You cannot know what it feels like to know someone will love on your babies in your absence until you find that babysitter. Thank you for always making me feel good when I close that door to walk out. 

 Jasiatic. My play wife. Mom life is not a game… To have a cohort in it is amazing.  I love you mama. 

 The entire village. Grandpa, Grandma Tiny, Uncle Eric, Uncle Carl, Aunt Kenya, Holly, Molly, Moyeh, everyone who is slipping in my 2016 memories. I know I will forget someone… All of you make it possible with last minute babysitting and help in so many ways. 

Every client who sat in my chair or visited the salon or supported an event. Without them there is literally no way. Layers and  layers of gratitude exist for each and every one of them.

My fellow yogis. I am thankful for every class, workshop or retreat where they joined, invited and promoted. I love yoga and am so grateful for the amazing community I am in. I am grateful to be able to share yoga in ways that are authentic and empowering for everyone involved. 

The  Get Well Podcast. I am grateful for every guest and listener. I have personally learned so much.  I love doing the show and am so happy with the way it is unfolding.
The small business owners community. I am surrounded by some very inspiring and powerful folks. I am grateful for collaboration, inspiration and opportunities. We will all keep pushing forward.

My friends and extended family. Love is a circle and I am grateful for the continuous flow of love around me. 

Continued possibilities. 

New projects.

Upcoming announcements

Continued health and wellness 




What are you grateful for in 2016?

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8 thoughts on “Day 29 and 30… An attitude of gratitude. 

  1. So, I JUST realized that you are the same amazing woman who does the Get Well podcast. I recently started listening on my first solo outing away from my 2.5 year old. You had John Love on it and that’s all I have been thinking about. Thank you for your love, insight and light. Your blog posts have gotten me right together and have kept me inspired. Hope you have an amazing 2017, too!

    1. My heart is smiling!!! Thank you so much for reading, listening and connecting with me here. I hope your solo trip was what you needed. I hope your new year is awesome! How can I connect to you on social media?

  2. I am happy to see People like You who make the World a Better Place. You always express Joy and Smiles although, I realize life coming at Everyone fast. Putting God in My Life First has Made Me Very Happy. No fear, Just Faith.
    Love You Kelley!

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