Infectiously Happy

Day 31 Are You Even Trying? 

You owe it to your future self to try. To start. To give it a go. To step out there. 

In business.

In love.

In life.

In self love. 

We will talk ourselves right out of everything we need because we are afraid to fail. We feed ourselves stories of impossibility and sure disaster. We won’t even try. Then we wake up a month/year/lifetime later to the same shipwreck. Nothing is going to change unless we do. Nothing is going to flourish  unless we try to create something different for ourselves. All of it is not going to work out or have longevity but it can be a building block or a lesson. Sometimes you will have to try something else. I can guarantee, with absolute certainty that each try makes you stronger, helps eliminate the unnecessary and focuses your energy. 
 You have just over a week left in 2016. What are you trying today? 

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