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Day 32-35 You have Choices…

I took a break from social media for multiple reasons but one motivator was the way I feel repulsed  and angry by the posts, opinions and negativity that seems to call the internet home. I wanted to be away from it. Not to be in a bubble of utopian bliss, but to actively engage in the building, connecting and engaging that created healing and peace for the people around me.  I have been working… Hard. I have had a beautiful month. There are things about places like FB and IG that I have not missed. Yesterday though, while in Target for some treats for Palmer I met a woman who I am connected to through these platforms, who I wouldn’t know any other way and I was reminded of the kind of community we can use this social media thing to build. All month that lesson has been present and I knew I was coming back to social media so this aint a major epiphany… I just need to say, We have choices. We  can use it how we want. We can disconnect when we need to. And come back when we feel like it. 

How powerful would we be if we used this base of connection to build, teach and to be of service? 

Oh and yes this post goes through tomorrow because  the reality is I am going to be with my mama and brother, dad, husband and babies for the next few days with our chosen family. I will be basking in all the love, joy and peace you can imagine.

I wish the same for anyone reading this. 

I send special warmth and assurance to all of us missing  someone or many someones. This time can  be a reminder and include intense longings. We have the choice not to suffer. Honor the pain. Connect to the love. I am choosing the love in each moment today. 

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