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Baby Duke Won’t Be a Baby For Long.

IMG-20170228-WA0001Joyful. Persistent. Snuggly. Connected. Intense. Loving. Curious (aka Nosey)

Today is Duke’s first birthday. We are celebrating him later with family but I am going to continue my tradition of dedicating a post to his trip around the sun, just as I have done for Palmer every year…

Duke entered our family just at the right time to mend broken hearts throughout our family. I remember feeling guilty throughout my pregnancy because I spent a great portion grieving instead of being joyful. I was happy he was coming but I was still navigating the pain of losing my Aunt Pat and Christian was helping his mother through the loss of her brother Charlie. He came into the world and reminded all of us that pain does not last always. The moment I heard him cry for the first time and looked into those eyes I remember feeling the gentle reminder of the peace that is a choice in each moment. In those first days, with his heart pressed against mine I was reminded to stay connected to my joys. Duke’s smile is a continued reminder.

So I can look back and remember, a bit about who Duke is today…

  • Began walking at 10 months.
  • He is an expert climber
  • Loves to dance
  • Follows Palmer around with love in his eyes.
  • Can say: Mama, Papa, Baba (brother)
  • Can wave goodbye and blow kisses
  • Loves his milk
  • Loves Downward Facing Dog

dukehayride duketummy IMG-20170109-WA0000 dukecrib dukeovershoulder.jpg dukebeach duke1 duke alfrieds brothers3 dukelaughs dukepapa duketravels 20170201_213743 dukegigi brothers


Always know that you are a healer. You always know when your snuggles are needed. Your conception and life have meant so much to your family and community. You are a living breathing manifestation of love. The love between your mama and papa, your brother’s love, your Gigi and Grandpa’s love, your Mamie’s love, the love of Uncle O and all of our extended family. You are an embodiment of the love that Aunt Pat and Uncle Charlie shared with the world. I am so excited to see you grow into a big boy but I still bask in our night time snuggles, that loving gaze and your open mouth kisses. May you always hold that love in your heart.

Love Mama.


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2 thoughts on “Baby Duke Won’t Be a Baby For Long.

  1. Happy because I get to experience, albeit from afar, what real family/community love can feel like. It’s a blessing to read your post. Thanks for sharing your children with me. Pj

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