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  1. This blog is awesome! Congratulations! I look forward to following you every week. Thanks for sharing and letting be apart of your experiences.

  2. I usually would not encourage the spreading of viruses…but since happiness is the affliction, please infect everyone you can. Shine on my sister, shine on!!

  3. I’m certain that you just have know clue how much and how often you inspire me and make me feel like my dreams can come true and that my worries aren’t so huge after all. I wanna be just like you when I grow up…except I’ll let you keep Kelley and I’ll leave my name as Brandy Alexandria; but since even that isn’t possible I’ll just soak up all the sun rays you let shine my way. I never got the adoption papers in the mail but I did adpot you as my big sis. If you don’t like it too bad, cause all adoptions are permanent and irreversible. So thanks sis! Love you

  4. I am blessed beyond measure, your blog has helped me realize so many things!! I have been reading for an all the way back to 2014!! Congrats on your new baby boy. I have four sons and they have each been a blessing !! They are all different in so many ways.They grow sooooo on them as much and as often as you can. P is going to be a terrific big brother… Melissa

If you're happy and you know it, just tell me why...


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